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1.RXN-305D Linear DC Adjustable Power Supply Features
+  Single channel output.
+  Internal radiator and electronic temperature control cooling fan.
+  Digital or pointer meter shows the voltage adn current values.
+  Voltage/current adjust knob with rough and meticulous adjustable potentiometer can output constantly with high resolution.
+  A power supply of universal type with simplify function and high cost-effective
+  Current limiting protection and users can set the current limiting protection point arbitrarily.
+  Opposite polarity protection.
+  Plastic panel of the equipment is modern, simple and beautiful.
2.RXN-305D Linear DC Adjustable Power Supply pciture :


RXN-305D Linear DC Adjustable Power Supply (220V) _.jpg


3.RXN-305D Linear DC Adjustable Power Supply Description:
RXN-305D Linear DC Adjustable Power Supply is an equipment with high stability, high reliability, low noise, its output voltage and current can auto-conversion.This low cost and universal power supply can be used in many different areas such as Auto/Products related to electron/ Products related to computer/ Research institutions, educational institutions and so on.


4.Support Model:

RXN-305D Linear DC Adjustable Power Supply (220V) 1 .jpg

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