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1.ATTEN TPR3005T One Way Constant Voltage DC Regulated Power Supply

+  Constant current constant voltage regulated poer supply.
+  Multi-defensive function,including current limiting, voltage reduction, short current protection , over-tem protection, to ensure the device will not be burned down.
+  Widespread used in production line.

2.ATTEN TPR3005T One Way Constant Voltage DC Regulated Power Supply picture :



3.Power Supply Description:
ATTEN TPR3005T power supply for the single DC power supply, voltage and current continuously adjustable, large-screen LCD display with backlight, Built-in knob structure can be adjusted to eliminate operator error caused by hidden dangers. Beautiful appearance, outstanding performance for product development, laboratory, teaching, electronics production line use, is indispensable equipment for the communications industry.

4.Main Specifications:

Input Voltage: AC 220V \ 10% 50Hz
Rated output voltage :0-30V
Rated output current :0-5A
Rated output power: 150W
Voltage display accuracy: 0.1V \ 2 bits
Current display accuracy: 0.01A \ 2 bits
Source of stability: 0.02% +2 mV
Load: 0.05% +5 mV
Ripple: + 1mV RMS (5Hz-1MHz)
Protection Mode: Over-Temperature Protection
Work Cooling: Air
Dimensions: 275 〜 125 〜 170mm

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