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About us  
RZM Internation Co.,LTD is the multi-range international export gsm products factory . Since the establishment in 2008 .we have gsm products, accessories and spare parts for cell phones, like unlcock box , flash cable .Lcd ,Flex cable .Housing . ..various electronic components and equipment advantage.
We have guarantee high quality and good price . efficient services, friendly user support and safe shopping environment. All products need one by one test and delivery. Besides. We have the goods purchased from Blingrzm with 6-month"s warranty. If u have any question ,Our sales managers and technical support specialists are ready to answer your questions 24 hours a day six days a week.(sunday we don¨t working) 。
Service :
we are not responsible for any accident like customs , delays or other issues that are the responsibility of the shipping serivce! During transportation, if goods are missed because of having been detained by custom in China, all loss thus occurred should be borne by us; if missing or detained of goods are occurred in other country except China, all loss should be borne by buyers.
Please feel free to submit your queries, and we will respond to them within the next 24 hours. For order status information, Thanks a lot .


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